How to install drush on shared hosting

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 22:51 -- Arisen

You can actually install drush on your hostgator shared account, just follow these easy steps.

Enable SSH on your Hostgator account

  • Log in to your Hostgator Billing/Support System account (
  • On the bottom left sidebar on the page after logging in, click View Hosting Packages
  • Then click Enable Shell Access

Download an SSH Client

  • Download the latest version of Putty or Bitvise Tunnelier
  • Connect to your server using your installed SSH client and use your main FTP credentials. Note that you can also use your cpanel user and password credentials. Make sure that your port number should be 2222

Download Drush

Configure .bash_profile to to allow server to use drush

  • Type in cd ~/ to get us back to root directory
  • Edit .bash_profile file using your favorite editor on terminal and add alias drush='/usr/bin/php ~/public_html/drush/drush.php'.
  • Enter a new line and add this also alias php='/usr/bin/php' and then save your file.
  • Type in exit and logout to your SSH client.

Test Drush

  • Reconnect to your server
  • Go to public_html directory by typing in cd public_html
  • Type in drush and you'll see a list of commands for drush.